What Customers Look For in a Real Estate Agent

We invest a lot of time, money, and personal energy in publicizing our skills and attributes to develop a clientele. Repeat business and referrals will come from the excellent work we have done for them. However, we must first conduct business with them. We’ll have an advantage in this area if our marketing emphasizes the abilities and characteristics customers appreciate.

Buyers Need Different Things from Their Agents

Buyers cannot be grouped into one category. There are several levels of expertise and prerequisites. First-time buyers require a lot more assistance. A lot of data is what investors desire. Most people desire assistance with transactions, extensive document reading, and decision-making.

Buyers require even more assistance in the market for vacation or resort homes. There are numerous vacation house marketplaces in rural, mountainous, or coastal settings. Environmental, developmental, and building codes are frequently very severe in these places. Buyers from the area require knowledgeable representation to ensure they aren’t purchasing something with unrecognized potential issues.

They will frequently rely more on your experience and intimate understanding of the neighborhood market if you represent purchasers in other specialized fields or types of real estate. The financial details and condo laws are pretty significant, even when it comes to condominiums. An explanation of how condo association fees are calculated and how they may alter in the future, increasing the cost of ownership, will be beneficial to a novice condo buyer.

Investor buyers frequently approach you with extensive market expertise when interested in your property. They value a proactive attitude to finding solid investment opportunities and strong bargaining abilities to assist them in securing the best possible pricing. They place a great value on a real estate expert who can spot details they might have overlooked and bring them to their attention before they become a costly investment blunder.

Real Estate Agents and Vendors

Simple assumptions about sellers assume that they desire to swiftly and profitably sell their homes. Additionally, sellers are less likely to rely too heavily on their agents during the transaction. They desire marketing, but they know the Internet has altered the dynamic.

These days, they are more likely to desire to bargain commissions and choose the cheaper option with matching marketing options. Even though it holds less true for more expensive real estate, it should be considered when estimating a full-service commission.

Unfortunately, recent new online “review and recommendation” services are distorted consumers’ perceptions. A similar advertisement boasts that “their agent sold their house in two days for more than their asking price,” making the sellers pleased.

That was an excerpt from a TV commercial. Professionals are aware that the realtor in this situation either had an easy job in a scorching market or they underpriced the home listing. We must assist customers in understanding what we do and appreciating our services.

For All Clients

Following are the talents and attributes of real estate brokers that actual home buyers and sellers stated they valued, listed from most important down:

  • Integrity and sincerity
  • Understanding of the buying process
  • Responsiveness
  • Understanding the housing market
  • Talents in communication
  • Negotiating techniques

Those mentioned above are the most important ones, although there are more, such as interpersonal and technical skills. Why would technological skills rank low when the value of the Internet has been established in our marketing series? It often depends on the question’s wording. Keep in mind the importance of communication and responsiveness. If all their contact with you in the first few weeks were done via email and the Internet, it would indicate a requirement for some technological know-how.

Whether or not these skill sets are featured in your marketing, focusing on performing your best in these areas is crucial to your future repeat and referral business.

Consumers’ attributes in a competent real estate agent depend on their needs. Overall, though, we must be customer-focused and market experts.

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