Things a Real-Estate Agent Do Not Do

The real estate industry is fast-paced and demanding. There are many tips on what to do as a real estate agent; those are great! When did you last read about what a real estate agent must not do? Let’s take it from a different perspective and break bad habits as we build good ones!


1. Don’t Forget the Basics


Being a real estate agent isn’t just a job but a lifestyle. Both your work life and personal life are now one. You are your brand.


Ensure that you are taking care of your clients; they are not just a monthly “commission check” for you. Build relationships with them. If they like your service, they will surely come back to you, but if you have established good relationships with them, they will be your personal “brand ambassadors”. They will indeed commend you to their family members, friends and anyone they know because they trust you enough and know that the people they will connect with will be significantly taken care of.


Always remember, this isn’t just a job but a lifestyle


2. Do Not Say, “This Is Not Part of My Job Description.”


As real estate agents, we do many things not listed on the job description yet; it is part of our jobs.


We are the ones who walk through our clients as they get their potential homes until they finally purchase one, and we need to be there every step of the way!


Let’s be of service and give a wonderful experience to our clients’ home buying experience. You’ll see how that “service” will take you to many places!

3. Do Not Lose Track of the Bigger Picture


Be cognizant because sometimes, things will not be how we want them. Let’s face it – not every potential client will be a home buyer. Not all negotiations will turn into deals.


Some things may be in your control, and some are out of your control. Learn from these things, never make the same mistake again and always look at the bigger picture!

4. Do Not Waste Anyone’s Time


As real estate agents, we tend to have a hectic schedule. Sometimes we fit ten days of work in 1 week! We have to be committed to our schedules, but sometimes, life gets in the way. So instead of a meeting, it is best to postpone it.


5. Do Not Be Afraid of Confrontations

Hone your verbal skills because, truth is told, there will be possible uncomfortable conversations with clients. Do not shy away when it seems like a client would oppose your strategies; instead, make this an opportunity to listen to your clients and know their needs.

This is an opportunity to establish that sense of reliability between you and your client.


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