Main Street Success’s schedule options for pre-licensing

  • Main Street Success offers the class schedule in two options.
  • Accelerated schedule is a two straight week session on Mondays – Fridays from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Contact our office for the next available dates
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 6pm – 10pm. This evening schedule is a continuously rolling schedule of a rolling cycle of modules. Students are able to begin as soon as they register on the next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Instructor led classes.

Classes are conducted live with a licensed real estate instructor. Please note that multiple instructors teach the modules of the pre-licensing course. Our instructors are active in the industry and each bring different views from the field, as well as their expertise and knowledge on particular topics. This brings value to our students to be able to learn from several experts in the industry.

Enrolling to attend in-person or via Zoom

The class is provided in-person at our facility located at 47 W.Main Street | Smithtown, NY 11787. The class is also live-broadcasted simultaneously via Zoom. Students are asked to choose whether they will be attending in-person or via Zoom at the time of enrollment.

Current school policy does not permit students to switch back and forth between attending in-person or via Zoom for the duration of their enrollment. When a student enrolls, the student will be asked to choose whether they will be attending in-person or via Zoom at the time of enrollment. Requests to change from attending in person to Zoom after enrollment and starting a class must be due to unforeseen extenuating circumstances, and must be submitted in writing to the School Director. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Start Date Requirements:

Students enrolled in the accelerated shall begin the next scheduled accelerated start date, unless already discussed with office staff for another future start date.

Students enrolled in the evening sessions must start within 90 days of enrollment. Requests for a start date extension beyond 90 days must be due to unforeseen extenuating circumstances, and must be submitted in writing to the School Director. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students who fail to start within 90 days of enrollment or are denied start date extensions after review of requests shall forfeit all tuition costs and processing fees.

Completion Requirements

  • Students must attend a minimum 70 hours of the 77 hours salesperson course or 69 hours of the Broker course in order to take the school exam within the completion date requirements as detailed below in the completion date requirements.
  • Students must pass the school exam with a 70% or higher.

A student who has attended all required hours and passed the school exam shall be deemed completed. A Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the student within 10 business days.

Completion Date requirements.

When a student begins the course, the student shall have up to one year (365 calendar days) from start date to complete the course.

Students who fail to complete the course after one year (365 calendar days) shall forfeit all tuition costs and processing fees, and must re-enroll for the full course at current tuition pricing.

Please note that completion status includes attending all required hours and passing the school exam.


Once a student begins, the student must fully commit to attending all modules scheduled henceforth of their start date. Completing the accelerated program takes 10 business days as scheduled by the school.

Completing all the required modules for evening sessions will take a minimum 8 (eight) to 10 (ten) weeks to complete (holidays and scheduled school breaks can impact the amount of weeks). Main Street Success follows the rules and regulations of attendance monitoring mandated by the New York State Department of State.

Instructors take attendance at the start of class and after any scheduled breaks. Students must sign in using our digital sign in sheet provided by the instructor. For any live distance education sessions (any class being offered remotely), all students must have a camera and microphone, along with a strong internet connection. Students must activate their cameras at all times when class is in session, and activate microphones during attendance and whenever prompted by the instructor. Students failing to activate their cameras and microphones will lose credit for the course session. Virtual classrooms will automatically time-stamp all entries and exits from the virtual classroom.

Students arriving late or leaving early 20 minutes or more to a module will not receive credit for the course session.

Students taking an unauthorized break (beyond designated break times) for 20 minutes or more during a module will not receive credit for the module.

Students removed from a classroom (by school staff, the school Director, or by an instructor) due to violations of school policy and/or student conduct rules will lose credit for the module session.

If lateness, leaving early, and/or unauthorized breaks add up to more than 20 minutes during a module, the student will not receive credit for the module.

No exceptions will be made, as exceptions will violate the rules and regulations mandated by New York State Department of State.

Missed modules and make-up dates:

Main Street Success encourages our students to fully commit to attending all sessions during their enrollment to avoid time gaps that may disrupt learned knowledge retention. However, we understand that occasionally unforeseen circumstances or prior personal commitments may cause an absence. As outlined in Completion Requirements, students are permitted a certain amount of missed hours. If you go beyond those missed hours, you must make-up missed sessions until you have attended the minimum amount of hours. Students who miss any sessions will have the opportunity to make-up the session at the next available date of the module topic. Please note that due to the cycle of the course modules, there could be several weeks before the module topic is scheduled in the cycle, or scheduled for an accelerated.

Attending in person:

Students attending in person should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class to ensure you are ready for class to start on time. Students must sign in using a scannable QR code. We recommend bringing a notebook for note-taking. Students are permitted to bring laptops or tablets or I-Pads to class. Main Street Success shall not be responsible for any personal items brought to class.

Attending via – Zoom: equipment requirements

Students attending via Zoom must have a strong internet connection on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, along with a working web cam, and a working microphone. Cameras must be activated at all times when class is in session. Microphones may remain muted unless the student needs to engage in classroom discussions or ask questions. We encourage all of our students attending to actively engage with instructors, and actively participate in classroom discussions. We strongly advise students attending via Zoom to situate themselves in a quiet room, free from distractions. Using a mobile cell phone to attend will make it very difficult for the student to see any course material shared on screen, so we strongly discourage using a mobile cell phone to attend. When entering a Zoom session, students must display their full legal name. Nicknames or any display name other than a full legal name may impact attendance recording, potentially causing a student to lose credit for the session.

Exams (School & State)

New York State does not distribute results of the state exam so we are unable to provide an accurate tracking of our graduates. Our curriculum covers all topics required by New York State, so our students are prepared to take the school and state exams. Our instructors are highly experienced to provide the required course topics in a comprehensive and education-oriented manner. Main Street Success does not guarantee passing the state exam or the school exam. Each student is encouraged to attend all sessions of the pre-licensing course, advised to engage with the instructor and fellow classmates, and actively participate in class discussions, as well as study their textbooks outside of class hours. We find that students who engage and participate in their education, as well as study outside of class hours, are more likely to succeed. Students are allotted two attempts at the school exam. If a student does not pass on the second attempt, Main Street Success will discuss the options of private tutoring at an additional expense. Students will not be permitted to attempt a third time until after completing additional tutoring.

The school exam is computer based. Students attending the accelerated program will take the school exam on the final day of scheduled classes. Students are asked to bring a laptop, tablet, or I-Pad for the final exam, or notify school staff if you do not have access to a mobile device.

Evening students must contact the school to schedule a school exam.

School Exams appointments are made during normal business hours Monday – Friday. The earliest appointment can be at 9:30am. The last appointment time slot is 1:00pm.

The school exam allotted completion time is three (3) hours.

Main Street Success posted pricing:

All prices posted are at cash or check discount pricing. Credit card payment methods incur a credit card processing convenience fee.

Tuition Costs.

Main Street Success offers three payment package options to enroll for either the evening sessions or accelerated schedule. View these payment packages by navigating to:

The higher tier packages offer a lot of additional education that agents will need along their career path, especially just starting on their journey, as well as networking invitations, and coaching courses, and headshots with a local professional photography studio. Contact our staff if you have any questions regarding these perks of the higher tier packages.

Other tuition costs; textbooks

A textbook is required for the pre-licensing courses. These are additional fees and are not included with any payment package. Please contact our staff for the current textbook required and pricing. Hard copy textbooks must be picked up in person at our Smithtown facility and can not be shipped to the student. Ebook purchases require a redemption code from our distributor, which the school will request from our distributor when a student purchases an ebook. Please allow up to 3 business days for a redemption code to be issued when purchasing an ebook.

Payment methods

Main Street Success accepts cash, personal or business checks, and credit cards (subject to a credit card processing fee).

Refund policy

Refund requests must be requested in writing addressed to the school Director. Full refunds will be issued minus any applicable processing fees, provided the refund request is prior to starting any sessions.

No refunds will be issued if any of the following apply:

After a student has begun attending sessions (accelerated and evening)

For students enrolled in the accelerated program: a student has failed to attend the next accelerated program without notifying staff, and failing to request a transfer start date extension to the next available scheduled accelerated program.

For evening enrolled students: has failed to start the course after 90 days and failed to notify the staff and request a start date extension.

If a student has failed to complete the course within one year of start date.

A student is dismissed from the school by the school director due to failure to comply with school policies or violated any student codes of conduct.

Please note, physical textbooks are non-refundable after distribution, and e-books are non-refundable after purchase.

Refunds are issued via Main Street Success company check regardless of the original payment method.

For additional school policies, student codes of conduct, and other details, please refer to the Student Handbook